IL PUNTO team is growing and welcomes Francesco Tedone and Alessandra Tacchini.


Francesco Tedone

An architect and industrial construction expert, he performs due diligence on production facilities and company buildings. He provides integrated technical services relating to real estate and functional workplace aspects. He assists building owners and company management in management choices.

He graduated with honours from Milan Polytechnic and is a member of the Order of Architects and the Order of Industrial Experts. He holds specialist qualifications. He has been working individually or in teams since 1980, verifying the regulatory compliance of company properties in relation to territorial, urban planning and building regulations.

It examines the property types of production units with regard to location, conformation and consistency. It verifies the suitability of company environments in favour of ergonomic activities, preserving the safety of persons and the integrity of property. Takes care of the building aspects of collective protection.

It considers general protection measures in relation to the layout of the company premises and their intended use. It examines the organisational aspects together with the characteristics of lay-outs used for the production of goods or the provision of services. Takes care of building aspects connected with emergency situations.

He works as a court-appointed technical consultant (CTU) or as a party technical consultant (CTP) in the field of real estate assessments, regulatory compliance and estimative surveys (IVS). He is registered with the civil and criminal sections of the Ordinary Court of Milan, as well as with the Regional Administrative Court (TAR – Milan).

He has carried out institutional, informative and training activities. He has participated in UNI activities for many years, working in the commissions: Documentation and Information, Building Process, Maintenance of Real Estate. He was rapporteur for the UNI 10998:2002 standard. He is currently a member of professional bodies and associations.


Alessandra Tacchini

Architect, she performs due diligence on corporate and residential real estate by conducting regulatory compliance and civil code audits. She performs document audits and property audits according to UNI standards. She completes her activities by drawing up estimation reports (IVS).

She graduated with honours from the Milan Polytechnic and is registered with the Order of Architects and holds specialist qualifications. She began her activity in the Milan Municipal Administration, working in the urban planning and private building sectors (town planning office and amnesty office). He has been working as a freelancer since the 1980s.

She instructs or supervises procedural processes of innovation or real estate regularisation by providing integrated technical services. It performs land registry and land registry searches, as well as access to deeds in all types of entities, acquiring various types of documents (e.g., in the field of urban building: certificates, attestations, titles, amnesties and agibility).

Since 2020, it contemplates the possibility of certifying the lawful status of buildings or urban property units with regard to construction activities, or with regard to deeds concerning specific real rights. (cf. Presidential Decree 380/2001 – Administrative Documents and Legitimate Status, Art. 9 bis and 34 bis)

She works as a court-appointed technical consultant (CTU) or as a party technical consultant (CTP) in the field of real estate assessments, regulatory compliance and appraisals. In the judicial sphere, he has drawn up over 250 real estate appraisals concerning as many executive procedures over a period of about ten years.

She has carried out information and training activities, as well as research activities on behalf of the Polytechnic of Milan, conducting investigations in public and private archives. She has collaborated on the production and publication of bibliographic and iconographic catalogues. She is currently a member of professional bodies and associations.