IL PUNTO has extensive experience in the valuation of individual properties, complex portfolios and real estate companies.

It is specialized in the calculation of market values, Property and Market Rating (PaM)Swot AnalysisMortgage Lending ValueHighest and Best Use, and valuation of assets according to IAS/IERS.

In order to determine the value of the asset, IL PUNTO employs a multidisciplinary team of professionals who, thanks to their high degree of expertise and deep knowledge of the field, provide a consultancy activity that not only looks at the past, but it is also perspective to the future potential of the property.

Our valuation reports are compiled according to national best practices and European Valuation Standards published by – EVS-TEGoVA and the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice– USPAP -, drawn up by the US Appraisal Foundation, in order to ensure high quality, and the utmost transparency of the market.


  1. We support our clients to asset the value related to the operation, guiding him in the definition of the real risk profile and expected return.
  2. At the bottom of all our valuation report, there is a thorough study of the documentation, in order to minimize the assumptions.
  3. Our valuations are clear and retraceable.

IL PUNTO draw up Business Plans in order to support its customers in the development of a new real estate initiative, in other words in the search for new investors and to control the progress of a project in the medium / long term.
Through the Business Plan, IL PUNTO, defines the elements that make up an entrepreneurial activity, in order to plan, analyze, identify any critical points and evaluate all possible risks.
Business Plan is essential for the development of investments for income generation of real estate assets, for its management and for the renovation and subsequent sale of complex assets.


  1. Our business plans are not based on assumptions, but rather they are drawn through the study and knowledge of the markets by our experts by means of a PEST Analysis
  2. Our business plan is prepared on the basis of a detailed SWOT Analysis of all the peculiarities related to the property.
  3. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the field, we accompany our customers in the High and Best Use definition and its real estate rating.

IL PUNTO draw up Plants and Machinery Valuation in order to define the total value of the plants and machinery used in the production and supply of goods and services in the various industrial sectors.

This type of assessment is essential in the following cases:

  • Definition of the price to buy or sell a company. The buyer or seller must know the correct value of the assets of plant and machinery, the estimated value is based on the condition, capacity and date of production.
  • Company evaluation.
  • For accounting purposes such as financial statements, audits and internal management, this helps to indicate the economic status of the company compared to its competitors.
  • To remain attractive on the market, it is important that companies invest in the latest technologies available.

The estimated remaining useful life of a plant or machinery is the total length of time a machine is likely to function before it is replaced or repaired. The economic life of the machinery helps to calculate depreciation and account for capital assets.


  1. Our assessments are drawn up through the study and knowledge of our experts.
  2. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we accompany the customer in defining the value of their plants and machinery.
  3. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the IL PUNTO team, we are able to define the value of an asset also from a fiscal point of view.

IL PUNTO coordinates, in a single interlocutor, all of the administrative, technical, legal and business activities related to the property and through a deep knowledge of the asset maximizes the long-term profitability ensuring the resolution of any problem connected with it.

The documental analysis is supported by an operating process in two phases: constant monitoring phase of the property in order to preserve the value over time and continuous improvement that increases the profitability resulting increase in the value of the final asset.

Property and Facility Management activities meet the specific needs of the property ranging from contract management to interventions aimed at upgrading the energy efficiency from the maintenance and management of systems to the guarantee of the respect of building regulations, from budgeting activity and periodic reporting to all activities concerning the functional organization of the building structure.

IL PUNTO Property Management service includes:

  • property accounting management with budget planning and control activities, general and analytical accounting, bank account management;
  • coordination and reporting with periodic report drafting, documentation management, data base and documentation/file archive

The Facility Management service of IL PUNTO is divided into

  • ordinary maintenance with safety & security management, problem solving, on-site presence;
  • extraordinary maintenance with definition of the intervention plan, constant monitoring of building regulations, study of alternative uses

The IL PUNTO Integrated Management service includes

  • planning with strategic enhancement of the property, tenders, direction and coordination of suppliers and services;
  • control with constant monitoring of processes, periodic analysis of deviations, drafting of periodic reports

Integrated management consists of defining the objectives and objectives of the project, as well as the criteria for assessing the activity, collecting and acquiring on-site data, statistical analysis of the data and identification of potential factors for improvement and impact assessment, proposal for possible solutions and presentation and validation of the action plan, assessment of improvements and monitoring of results.


1) We are able to quickly resolve any logistical and managerial issues by supporting the customer as Problem Solvers.

2)Our platform allows us a complete management of the structure and the surrounding environment by customizing our services according to the customer and the final user needs.

3) Thanks to our experts’ team we intervene on properties of any size and intended use by analyzing the economic and structural critical which, through careful strategic plan, have turned into strengths for the customer.

Assistance in real estate investment from the technical and legal Due Diligence to the negotiation of Rep&War.

The “Integrated Due Diligence with Declarations and Guaranteed Guarantees” service developed by IL PUNTO includes

– in-depth investigation of the legal and technical problems encountered

– reporting and determining the economic value of potential future risks (Risk Management and Risk Underwriting) by specific insurance policies

– study of possible insurance coverage

– Consultation on the bargaining of Representations & Warranties.

In an era in which market decisions are guided by the Risk Management divisions, it is surprising how many investments in the real estate sector can end without realizing possible ‘innovative’ risk mitigation solutions able to limit, if not zero, the technical and legal risks encountered during the Due Diligence phase. On the other hand, promising investments in real estate development operations are fading in the face of the impossibility for the parties involved to assure the counterparty of a given risk.

In recent years, these insurance policies have found real application both in the context of unknown risks, such as NPLs, auctions, securitizations, sale of real estate companies, sales, liquidation of companies and real estate funds, unknown asset & share deals, and in the field of known risks, such as distances, easements, rights proptem rem, civic uses, usucapione, urban / building law, borders, legal prerogatives, donative origins, historical / landscape constraints, known asset & share deals, charges and encumbrances and risks associated with filming tax.

Examples of Insurance Policies

  1. R.E.T.I. – Real Estate Transactional Insurance, against legal risks
  2. W&I against corporate risks


1) The customer is not forced to separately turn to different experts to know, in a detailed way, the technical, legal and fiscal risks related to a property.

2) We offer a clear answer in respect to complex issues.

3) We offer an ” insurance antidote” in respect to most of the legal identified risks, including those of a building, urban planning and fiscal one.

4) First company to have introduced R.E.T.I. in Italy and the only underwriting subject assisting Dual Asset Underwriting in the underwriting process

Due Diligence is a legal and technical consultancy service created to signal, through the comparison between the actual status and the existing document archive of a real estate compendium, the conformity or the dissimilarity of a building with respect to the regulatory, urban, technical requirements and environmental. Particularly important for the purposes of a subsequent real estate appraisal, Due Diligence is a useful tool for knowing the status of a property and identifying possible negative aspects. In most cases, once the Due Diligence is delivered and the critical aspects of a property are highlighted in detail, the investor’s request is always the same: to know what they are, how much they affect and what economic value the risks of an investment have.

The real estate integrated Due Diligence- technical, legal, fiscal, strategic- as well as the Risk Underwriting show how a multidisciplinary experts’ team, like IL PUNTO, can render assistance to its customers to highlight the possible risks related to real estate operations.

IL PUNTO has innovated the industry by offering the customer a sole coordinate response.

This is why IL PUNTO was chosen by DUAL Asset Underwriting, a world leader in the field, as a consultant in the selection and in the study of the legal risk, including construction planning and fiscal aspects, to be submitted to insurance coverage.

The risk, possible solutions and their costs analysis is an essential part of any real estate transaction where the parties want to manage in advance factors relevant to the involved interests.

Type of task:
Periodic definition of the property’s fund market value (biannual).

To assist the client, as “supert partes” guarantor’s role, in the definition of the market value of the fund real estate portfolio.

Type of property:
Portfolio inclufing assets and residential developments, tertiary properties and corporate partecipation.

Macro fase of the task:
Documents collection and analysis, inspection, study and analysis of the national and local market, PEST analysis of the sector, SWOT analysis of the asset, identification of the valuation method, micro due diligence, valuation report drafting and comparison with Fund ManagerRisk Manager and auditing society.

Involved experts:
Engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers and experts in the field.

Thanks to its international network, IL PUNTO, accompanies its clients in finding the best investment opportunities in Italy and abroad.

The study of the needs and risk profile are the first step for the identification of opportunities tailored to the customer.
IL PUNTO offers an ad hoc service for companies during both the expansion and the location phase, for the acquiring of industrials, commercials and turistics estates and in the containment for the disposal of individual properties or entire portfolios.

Understanding the needs, expected costs and time, obtaining the authorizations, the sensitivity about the market, the ability to evaluate technical, legal and fiscal aspects and the property management are essential to customer satisfaction.

Investment and Relocation are often related to Project Management. Therefore the customer has a  point of contact that accompanies him until delivery turnkey of the custom-made property.


  1. The customer has at his side a team of professionals that can assist him in the decision and implementation of the relocation of his offices or of his industrial site, with no additional cost compared to those of a classic broker
  2. We offer the customer a trustworthy person able to analyze market opportunities from a critical point of view in order to report his choices in an objective way
  3. On one hand  we guarantee the customer innovative and sophisticated ideas and on the other, immediate intervention in the resolution of administrative and bureaucratic problems.

IL PUNTO is, for owners and operators of non-performing loans, an accelerator and problem solver in the process of disposing of the simple (residential, commercial, etc) and complex (industrial, hotel, building sites, etc.) property portfolio  that is connected with NPL.

IL PUNTO, thanks to a specialized team of professionals, is able to attract a lot of  investors – independent and professional, domestic and foreign – offering “tailor made” solutions and packages.

Starting with a detailed analysis of the package and of the individual underlying assets – also through the collection and study of the documentation related to them – IL PUNTO performs an inspection of properties – in order to define their current state and market value  – and proceeds, through the most innovative forms of marketing, to the identification of the potential investors.

In order to meet the needs of the customer, IL PUNTO studies, case by case, which is the vest solution as for all the actors of the procedure.

Through this simple process, IL PUNTO can bridge the information gap between borrowers and investors, ensuring, at the same time, the most rapid and effective satisfaction as for the creditor.


  1. We guarantee the creditor with the quickest and more comfortable ways in recovering of its claims.
  2. We support the debtor during any stage of the crisis, making him free – by extinction the procedure in progress – from weights, liens and encumbrances.
  3. We offer, through the procedures of full and final settlement, an alternative way, fast and economical, in the field of property investment.

IL PUNTO employs a team specialized in Project Management able to satisfy the customer’s needs providing all technical services in order to develop the phases of the design process: feasibility study, urban planning, architectural design, development, construction and property’s upgrading.

IL PUNTO analyzes the customer’s needs, draws up an “ad hoc” project, estimates and controls risks, organizes and supervises the tenders, directs the building site, provides regular updates on the work in progress and coordinates the work until delivery turnkey.

The design is made in accordance with the standards of size and cost, ensuring the utmost respect of the characteristics of the local context and environment in which the intervention takes place, both in the construction phase and in the management.

IL PUNTO, in the development of its projects, pays particular attention to the problems related to energy conservation, developing and managing projects able to produce demands for comfort and reducing energy consumption.


  1. The client’s needs are transformed into spaces and building objects, even in terms of environmental sustainability, with the highest standards such as LEED® certification.
  2. Our technicians go beyond certification and try to identify possible interventions in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
  3. In order to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, our team elaborates a timetable respecting deadlines, tasks and costs.

IL PUNTO realizas business plans for real estate companies for the debt restructuring and the implementation of alternative tolls to bank loans such as the Crowdfunding and Mini–Bond.

IL PUNTO is a valuable aid in reorganization plans, restructuring agreements and arrangement proposals set out in the Bankruptcy Law.

Plans and certificates are based on a specific experience in the property sector able to give a reliable foundation of reasonableness and feasibility.

IL PUNTO is an  asset monitor able to verify the correct fulfillment of the plans predictions and its relative goals or milestones.

IL PUNTO offers tools and innovative product such as Crowdfunding and Mini-Bond which represent alternative forms of investment and / or financing for real estate complex  projects.


  1. Our plans and our attestations are not simply financial studies but also industrial and economic analysis of real estate projects.
  2. We are the precursors of alternative financing tools of non banking origin for which we expose ourselves to potential investors.
  3. We transform the real estate collateral from mere Warranty into a propulsive heart operation.

IL PUNTO supports the tenants during the analysis of their own real estate situation, aligning the client’s goals with the market’s resources through an integrated service able to develop both a strategy to reduce occupational costs and an improvement of rental conditions.

IL PUNTO works with tenants from all over the world, from the management of the individual store/office/warehouse to global portfolios, from the renewal of the lease to the transfer of the location.

Our approach leads to more flexible rental solution, functional and efficient in terms of cost, offering a custom-made service that starting from the understanding of the needs of the customer comes to the definition and implementation of the best strategy in line with its objectives. 


  1. The customer is not in conflict with the owner, beacuse IL PUNTO as an expert interlocutor exposes himself in the market front line.
  2. We offer the customer efficient alternatives in case of demands for rents not in line with the market.
  3. We participate in the risk of conductor requiring a success fee as compensation of our service

Hotellerie in Italy is arousing great interest both in the majority of international tenants who need to be on our territory – from the budget hotel to the luxury one – and, consequently, in foreign Institutional Investors who know very well the performance of these tenants.

Therefore emerged as the approach and role of the national broker needs an essential framework on international standards.

Moreover it is approximate the knowledge of the principles that make an asset compared to another more attractive and how superficially stereotyped are the way to relate to specific targets.

In this context, IL PUNTO, thanks to its exclusive partnership, involves an expert pool able to guarantee an attentive service in order to fill the above mentioned gaps and categorically fully aligned to the international dictates.


  1. Thanks to strategic partnerships worldwide, we guarantee our customer a complete and exhaustive service.
  2. We offer a service which analyzes the hospitality asset from a legal, technical, financial and strategic point of view.
  3. We count on market experts for the planning and fulfillment of the best advertising vehicles for the property’s presentation.