Milan, October 25th, 2022


IL PUNTO increases its stake in Re-Anima, the only Italian sustainable equity crowdfunding portal dedicated to Public Private Partnerships, social enterprises, energy communities and the Third Sector in general.

“It is a strategic and synergic investment with the group’s other activities. I was personally present in Quito in 2016 for the approval of The New Urban Agenda – Habitat III. – comments Adriana Sala CEO of the company – Widespread participation in infrastructural development goes well with a positive effect on the social impact of many investments involving PNRR. Re-Anima is authorised by Consob to host campaigns to raise widespread capital interested in investing in economic realities capable of upgrading, for example, swimming facilities, schools, training centers, and not least making energy communities not only useful for upgrading existing real estate, but also for creating the economic base to support local social activities promoted by a Community Manager”.

This investment is linked to the establishment of H&D Legal, a company between lawyers participated by the Harley & Dikkinson group and active in legal consultancy for the establishment of energy communities in project financing, of which Antonio Campagnoli, majority partner of IL PUNTO, is a founding partner.

Luca Toffoloni of Code Me Green S.r.l. and Carlo Pampirio of Treehouse Italia Srl facilitated this investment by strongly believing in the common potential of Re-Anima’s renewed lines of action.

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